Biodex Websites

Biodex is a multi-faceted manufacturing company that produces devices for the Physical Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, and Medical Imaging market industries. Over my time 10 years at Biodex, I redesigned and created several websites from start to finish. These included: (no longer available for viewing) (left in development stage)

I was trusted to come up with the design concept, research developer teams to hire, create wireframes, create imagery, work with developers so that branding and overall look and function was kept consistent, QA testing and communicate regularly between all parties involved with progress updates. My organization skills were key to the success of the projects.

Some other responsibilities also included tracking products and progress via Google Analytics, and working with department representatives to ensure their needs for the website were met.

I was also responsible for the integration of third-party software within the site requiring continuous interaction with all parties both domestically and internationally.

1) The “Find a Clinic” program was a service offered so that patients could easily find rehab centers, clinics, etc. offering a specific product to help their rehabilitation needs. The implementation was intense and communication with developers was steady. The process involved several email deployments to accumulate a database. Forms were created and linked to the database. Google functions were utilized as Geo-locators were needed. Vigorous testing took place before finally launching to the site. Once completed, marketing materials were created for both web and print.

2) Biodex offers a 3D Floor Planner. This software conveniently allows a space to be planned out prior to a purchase. A previous 2D planner I setup was updated to a 3D planner prior to leaving Biodex. I oversaw the conversion of the Physical Medicine and Nuclear Medicine planners. It required supplying all new artwork for each of the devices offered within the planner, as well as much more detailed info. The international development team was in Romania and we had to coordinate timing and instructions needed to be relayed clearly. The project was a huge success and well received by customers.

Once the sites were published, it was my job to maintain them and keep technology trends current. In the event of the site going down, it was my responsibility to communicate with the webhost and IT Department to make sure the server was fully operational…while also working on other marketing needs such as print material for trade shows, customers and marketing support. In addition, I was solely responsible for creating company presentations in both PowerPoint and Keynote. And worked with Engineering with the redesigning of the UI for the Physical Medicine and Nuclear Medicine devices.

A multi-faceted website focusing on Physical Medicine, Nuclear Medicine, and Medical Imaging industries. Website also offered company info, careers, eLearning, product support and software downloads.

This Biodex site offered four Physical Medicine devices and focused on the Home market.

This site was created for Gait Trainer customers. It required a login and code. Once accessed, customers could download content from a music library.

Other Websites

I am the owner of a professional web, graphic and digital design service that has proudly served local long island artists, businesses, non-profits, and charity organizations for more than 20 years. Below are some of the recent sites worked on.

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